OUR Contents TEAM

At Spartan, we take great pride in our team. They are more than just employees, we are family here. We strongly believe that creating a healthy and happy work environment for our employees is what makes our company run so smoothly and efficiently. When disaster strikes and time is of the essence, our highly-trained team is our most important asset here at Spartan.

Blake Wilkerson - Contents - Contents Manager

Blake Wilkerson

Contents Manager

Hire Date: August 2018

Industry Experience/Certifications: Fire and Odor Removal certified, 5+ years’ experience in the industry, and 4 years served in the USMC

Favorite Memory at Spartan: Watching the Contents division grow

Family: Large, tight-knit family with 5 kids

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Going to local events

Katie Wilkerson - Contents - Contents Office Supervisor

Katie Wilkerson

Contents Office Supervisor

Hire Date: October 2020

Industry Experience/Certifications: 20+ years in office management, 10 of which is in the construction industry

Favorite Memory at Spartan: Watching the Contents division grow

Family: 3 sons and 2 daughters, ranging in age from 4 years to 24 years

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Family activities, cheering for the Washington and Fredericksburg Nationals, and watching college football (ROLL TIDE)

DJ Faison - Contents - Project Manager

DJ Faison

Project Manager

Hire Date: September 2019

Favorite Memory at Spartan: My coworkers and all the jobs we complete

Family: Wife and 2 daughters

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Listening to all types of music – playing the drums, piano, and guitar

Tricia Osiier - Contents - Contents Cleaning Supervisor

Tricia Osiier

Contents Cleaning Supervisor

Hire Date: January 2020

Industry Experience/Certifications: Owned a home/commercial business and fire, smoke, and odor certified

Favorite Memory at Spartan: All our laughs in the cleaning bay. I rarely leave the bay, but when I do, I enjoy meeting the customers that I work so hard for

Family: 3 grown kids, 4 grandchildren and a husband

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Antique shopping, crabbing, and spending time with my grandchildren

Devon Halstead - Contents - Crew Chief

Devon Halstead

Crew Chief

Hire Date: November 2021

Favorite Memory at Spartan: 2022 Halloween Party

Family: 4 great kids

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Staying active to keep my shape

Jeffrey Sanders - Contents - Crew Chief

Jeffrey Sanders

Crew Chief

Hire Date: August 2020

Favorite Memory at Spartan: Helping out with Bill on a badly flooded loss that had 3’ of standing water

Family: Big family

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Grilling and fixing stuff