OUR mitigation TEAM

At Spartan, we take great pride in our team. They are more than just employees, we are family here. We strongly believe that creating a healthy and happy work environment for our employees is what makes our company run so smoothly and efficiently. When disaster strikes and time is of the essence, our highly-trained team is our most important asset here at Spartan.

Alex Galimore - Mitigation - Project Manager

Alex Galimore

Project Manager

Hire Date: January 2020

Industry Experience/Certifications: IICRC certified

Favorite Memory at Spartan: The company throwing me and my family a baby shower in May 2020

Family: 2 daughters

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Fishing and spending time with my daughters

Oscar Rosales - Project Manager - Mitigation

Oscar Rosales

Project Manager

Hire Date: February 2023

Industry Experience/Certifications: IICRC Water Restoration Technician 

Favorite Memory at Spartan: Riding with our Mitigation Project Managers, visiting Jobs.

Family: Married to my high school sweetheart, I have 2 beautiful girls and a Boston Terrier named Javi.

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Love Spending quality time with my family, Big Fan of the UFC, and Huge Futbol fan. Love watching Barcelona.

Kevin Bryant - Mitigation - Project Manager

Kevin Bryant

Project Manager

Hire Date: July 2023

Industry Experience/Certifications: 9 years experience, WRT/ASD/ LEAD certified

Favorite Memory at Spartan: My first Company meeting seeing that the owner is a straight forward man. I’m honored to be part of his team now!

Family: Married with 4 kids

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Love going to old school car shows and cruising on the weekends in my old school Impala or riding my Harley

Alamar Johnson

Alamar Johnson

Project Manager

Hire Date: November 2023

Industry Experience/Certifications IICRC Water and Fire, Asbestos Supervisor, Asbestos Building Inspector, Asbestos Project Designer, and Lead Supervisor.

Favorite Memory at Spartan: My 2nd interview with the owner. This is when when I knew I was “home” for good, finally.

Family: Wife and children

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Making as many memories as I can with my wife and kids, guns, gardening and catching a good comedy show.

Avery Pack - Mitigation - Senior Flood Coordinator

Avery Pack

Flood Office Manager

Hire Date: January 2022

Industry Experience/Certifications:3+ years experience, Subrogation and Symbility certified

Favorite Memory at Spartan: Being told by our customers that I helped make such a stressful situation in their life easy and manageable

Family: 1 son, 3 bonus kids, 2 dogs and a kitty

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Hanging out with my family and dogs

Nardo Heath - Mitigation - Crew Chief

Nardo Heath

Crew Chief

Hire Date: March 2020

Industry Experience/Certifications: 12 years in the industry. IICRC certified

Favorite Memory at Spartan: Working hard to help our clients and create a life for my family

Family: Wife, who has been in the Navy for 16 years and 2 kids

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Soccer

Richard Gendron - Mitigation - Crew Chief

Richard Gendron

Crew Chief

Hire Date: September 2022

Favorite Memory at Spartan: 2022 Halloween Party and bonding with the mitigation team

Family: Youngest of 6 full biological siblings, 1 half-brother, 4 foster brothers, and 1 foster sister

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Hiking, rock climbing, gaming, craftwork, and repairing things for people

Alex Yanes - Mitigation - Crew Chief

Alex Yanes

Crew Chief

Hire Date: May 2022

Favorite Memory at Spartan: Training with Nardo to become the best

Family: 1 son and 2 daughters

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Working and spending time with my kids