OUR reconstruction TEAM

At Spartan, we take great pride in our reconstruction team. They are more than just employees, we are family here. We strongly believe that creating a healthy and happy work environment for our employees is what makes our company run so smoothly and efficiently. When disaster strikes and time is of the essence, our highly-trained team is our most important asset here at Spartan.

James Stewart - Reconstruction - Reconstruction Manager

James Stewart

Reconstruction Manager

Hire Date: December 2020

Industry Experience/Certifications: 15 years in the industry. WRT, smoke and odor, fire, lead, Xactimate level 1

Favorite Memory at Spartan: The day I was given the opportunity to become the rebuild manager

Family: Beautiful wife and 2 young sons

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Riding my Harley, watching sports, and spending time with my family

Todd Johnson - Reconstruction - Large Loss Reconstruction Manager

Todd Johnson

Large Loss Reconstruction Manager

Hire Date: March 2022

Industry Experience/Certifications: Owned a painting franchise for 5 years with 13+ years in the restoration industry

Favorite Memory at Spartan: Volunteering at a Spartan sponsored cornhole tournament, 2022 Spring fling company party, and the 2022 Halloween costume party

Family: wife and 3 kids, aged 1-13

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Spending time with my beautiful girls, playing basketball, golf, football and going hiking

Kenneth Hodsden - Reconstruction - Estimator

Kenneth Hodsden


Hire Date: August 2022

Industry Experience/Certifications: 10+ years of owning a construction business

Favorite Memory at Spartan: Jim’s pep talks

Family: Married with 3 kids

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Hunting, fishing, and riding motorcycles

Frederick Shiner - Reconstruction - Estimator

Frederick Shiner


Hire Date: July 2022

Favorite Memory at Spartan: Riding motorcycles with my coworkers

Family: 1 dog, 1 nephew, 2 brothers, 2 sisters

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Reading, working out, and riding motorcycles

Salvador Lopez - Reconstruction - Project Manager

Salvador Lopez

Project Manager

Hire Date: July 2022

Industry Experience/Certifications: 12 years of project management experience

Favorite Memory at Spartan: When some of the project managers and coordinators went to dinner to build a better relationship

Family: 4 kids: Samuel (10), Dominic (8), Isaac (6), and Isla (5)

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Working out, spending time with my kids, walking my dog, and long drives when the sun sets

Carl LaBelle - Reconstruction - Project Manager

Carl LaBelle

Project Manager

Hire Date: June 2023

Industry Experience/Certifications: 18 years construction experience and 11 years construction project management

Favorite Memory at Spartan: The day I was hired

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Hiking, camping, fishing, and riding ATVs

Mike Rodriguez - Reconstruction - Project Manager

Mike Rodriguez

Project Manager

Hire Date: September 2021

Industry Experience/Certifications: 30 years working in construction

Favorite Memory at Spartan: 2022 Halloween Party

Family: Married with a daughter and 2 dogs

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Remodeling and doing home renovations

Christian Prieto - Reconstruction - Large Loss Project Manager

Christian Prieto

Project Manager

Hire Date: August 2021

Industry Experience/Certifications: 5+ years in project management

Favorite Memory at Spartan: 2022 Halloween Party

Family: Married with kids

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Riding motorcycle and traveling

Duke Bradie - Reconstruction - Large Loss Project Manager

Duke Bradie

Large Loss Production Manager

Hire Date: May 2022

Industry Experience/Certifications: 30+ years in construction and insurance restoration management

Favorite Memory at Spartan: Seeing the company and employee growth

Family: Wife, grown daughter, one big chocolate lab, and a bunch of chickens

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Playing guitar in my band, spending time with my friends and family and spending the day on the lake with my boat

Chris Froling - Reconstruction - Large Loss Project Manager

Chris Froling

Large Loss Project Manager

Hire Date: February 2022

Industry Experience/Certifications: 14 years in construction and 5 years as a project manager

Favorite Memory at Spartan: Moving into the large loss division of rebuild

Family: An amazing girlfriend and a dog named Duke

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Drinking good Bourbon, smoking good cigars, and going to as many concerts as possible 

Nick Olive-Large Loss Project Manager-Reconstruction

Nick Olive

Large Loss Project Manager

Hire date: May 2023

Industry Experience: 5 years of restoration experience and a total of 16 years construction experience

Favorite Memory at Spartan: Given the opportunity to work for such an established and family oriented company

Family: Amazing wife, three beautiful children, and one lazy golden retriever

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Love sports and spending quality time with family

Ryan Valenta-Large Loss Project Manager-Reconstruction

Ryan Valenta

Large Loss Project Manager

Hire Date: March 2023

Industry Experience/Certifications:2 years project management experience, 15 years construction experience

Favorite Memory at Spartan:BBQ & Brew Appreciation Event

Family: Married with 1 child

Hobbies/Free Time Activities: Stamp collecting