Residential Content Clean Up and Storage Service

After a fire, water, bio-hazard, or mold event, you may not know if your valuables and heirlooms are salvageable. Can your precious items be saved, cleaned, or should they just be hauled away? Spartan Emergency Water Removal has the expertise to help you determine which items can be salvaged after a fire or water event. We will pack up, clean and store your contents while restoration is being completed on your home. For our Residential Content Clean Up and Storage Service, please contact us today!

Safe, Inventoried Storage
of Your Family’s Possessions -
Fredericksburg's #1 Residential Content Clean Up, and Storage Service

At Spartan, we understand how important it is to safeguard your property while is is in storage. When you partner with us, we will carefully inspect and inventory your possessions to guarantee none of your family’s belongings are lost or damaged during restoration. The trustworthy experts at Spartan will ensure your items are safe during the cleaning and storage process. With our Residential Content Clean Up and Storage Service, your items will be packed, cleaned, and stored with care.

During our process we will:


Inventory the Damaged Items

First we inspect and inventory your items using digital inventory management software to ensure all of your items are trackable and stored securely.


Remove the Damaged Items

Next our crew will safely remove any damaged items from your home or apartment.



Clean the Damaged Items

Then our expert cleaning crew will clean and repair damaged items.


Securely Store the Items

We will store your items securely in our clean climate-controlled storage facility.


Safely Return the Items to You

Using our inventory software, we will ensure that every item we collect is safely returned to you.