Richmond's #1 Residential Water Removal and Home Restoration

It’s every family’s nightmare: a sewer pipe breaks, flooding your home with dangerous waste water, threatening your property, pets, and children. Maybe a pipe froze during an unexpected winter storm, and you didn’t find the leak until it was too late. Or perhaps you returned home from visiting your grandparents to find your home was flooded during the most recent hurricane.

You need help right away, and Spartan Emergency Water Removal service is ready to assist your family 24-hours a day, 365 days a week. Richmond’s #1 Residential Water Removal and Restoration is here for you and your family.

Spartan Emergency Water Removal - Water, Mold, Fire, Smoke, & Bio-Hazard Damage Restoration

How fast can Spartan help me with water or sewage removal?

Spartan knows water and sewage damage is dangerous to your family.  The longer water stays where it doesn’t belong, the more damage it causes to your home’s floors, walls, and foundation.  We understand your concerns, and we are here to help. Our highly trained Project Manager will thoroughly inspect the damage and develop a scope of work and explain the entire process of your project. With our top-of-the-line equipment and expertise, our water removal and restoration professionals can help start preserving and restoring your home within 24 hours. Spartan crews will treat your home and family like our own as we extract, clean, disinfect, and dry damaged areas so that your life can get back to normal.


Spartan’s experts know how to help families during a water event. We will use state of the art tools to assess the water damage to your home and make it safe for your family and pets again.  Here’s how:


Assess Water Damage
and Protect Valuables

Our highly trained Project Manager begins by performing a thorough assessment of the water damage in your home using state-of-the-art, moisture-detection equipment. Our experts take immediate action – they move and protect your valuables in order to begin water extraction as soon as possible. Residential water removal relies on speed and an accurate assessment of the situation.


Dry and Protect
Water Damaged Areas

Our drying process starts right away, using thorough ventilation and dehumidification to speed-up the process. Our thorough methods make residential water removal a quick and safe experience. We completely clean, sanitize, and treat all affected areas in your home to reduce potential mold growth and eliminate odors, making your home safe for your children and pets again. 


Repair and Restore
Water Damage

Spartan’s team will monitor the drying process to verify that all affected areas of your home have reached normal moisture level. Once the water or sewage is removed and all areas are dry, our Reconstruction Division is ready to help you rebuild, remodel, or renovate.  Your family will be back to life as usual as fast as possible after our residential water removal services.


Call Spartan anytime — day or night — and our team will spring into action to remove the water from your home, clean the space, salvage any items, clean and store them if necessary, make repairs, and get you back to life as usual. We know that residential water removal can be needed at any time of day or night. We are available to help.


“I cannot recommend Spartan highly enough. They responded quickly, mitigating the amount of damage done as a result. They were professional, empathetic, ethical, and service oriented from start to finish. Moreover, they took the time to help us understand every phase of the process; explanations were clear and thorough. Simply put, at a time of great stress, they made the process as easy and painless as possible and made us feel like their only clients in the process. We will be using them for the restoration work to our home and while we hope not to have another disaster, will not hesitate to call them in future if ever we do.”

– Lauren S.